The entertainment and media industry across Africa is growing at a fast rate. In South Africa, there is a large influx of creative artists in big cities looking for an opportunity to blow up. Many are willing to put in the effort required to do great things but simply do not have the platform, skills, resources and technologies to move forward.

At Tswe Media, we believe it is our duty to empower creative minds in order to aid not only the entertainment industry but also for the betterment of their lives, careers, futures and others around them.

Located in Johannesburg’s media hub, Auckland park, the company is committed to create professional and highly creative content that will educate, inspire and challenge the next generations of artists to push boundaries and revolutionize the E&M industry in the African continent.

Tswe Media’s aim is to become a platform that showcases creative minds and businesses to an audience that is willing to support and has the ability to make the creative or business stronger and more likely to succeed.


Our products & services

The company currently offers the following products: #UnpluggedSessionsSA, Tswe Top 10 Charts


Tswe Music Top 10: Tswe Media created the Tswe Music Charts as a platform to appreciate and further expose those we believe are the best young musicians in the country. On our music chart we select the best South African Songs that we can find from upcoming and established artist.

#UnpluggedSessionsSA:  It’s an event concept by Tswe Media Pty Ltd to unearth, expose and explore the untapped creativity and possibility of the South African and the African artists mainly those on the charts. It is aimed at exposing both artists’ creativity, untapped potential and showcasing their talents in a very innovative, modern and entertaining manner. It is an event created and executed with the intention of empowering upcoming creatives in South Africa and eventually the rest of Africa.


Company Strategy

Purpose: To tell a story of innovation, change and empowerment.

Vision: To empower creative minds.

Mission statement: To create content that educates, inspires and challenges creative minds

Core values: Team work, Accountability, Good faith, Good governance, Transparency, Quality customer service, Honesty and Diversity.

Goals: – Branch out in major cities in the African continent. – Become the go-to platform for finding talent. – Get involved in programs to help the community.

The team

We employ only a group of like-minded and passionate individuals who saw the need for a different approach to media. It is a team that consists of young people that will bring you nothing but fresh ideas that will help reshape the industry.

Samuel Bitijula

CEO/ Music Producer

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.

Wangui Micere Njoroge

Human Resources & Talent Management

“I will show you the best version of you”

Karabo Mahlakola

Website Manager/ Digital Designer

“Live life to the fullest, or die empty”

Mthunzi Ngceke

Legal Advisor

“A life with no dreaming is a life with no meaning”