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Unplugged Sessions South Africa

The ‘Unplugged Sessions SA’ is an event that is hosted on a weekly basis and serves as a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talent and any artistic content in front of an influential crowd consisting of people such as event-organizers, students, art fanatics, promoters, content producers, radio DJs and club-owners.

The event is open and easily accessible to the public and any form of artist such as a musician, poet, motivational speaker, visual artist, photographer or painter. This is as such because we are trying to bridge the gap between the already established artists in the entertainment industry and those who are still on the rise – #UnpluggedSessionsSA is such a platform.

The artist will:

  • Be exposed to an audience that is more than willing and ready to give him/her constructive feedback to help him/her further his/her career.
  • Gain experience in live performance through performing before a live and diversified audience every week.
  • Be able to test his/her craft through observing the response of the audience before taking it to bigger stages.
  • Learn to interact with the audience thus building self confidence and how to engage and captivate an audience during a performance.