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Tswe Video Chart.

We are swamped with content of the visual community in our everyday lives whether we pay attention or not they are stored within your subconscious, and some of these visuals have a significant influence on the choices we make and the way we view the world.

At Tswe Media, we believe it is our duty to empower creative minds in order to aid not only the entertainment industry but also the creatives' lives, careers, futures and others around them,

Tswe Media created the Video Chart as a platform to appreciate the skill set and  further expose those who create amazing content to a point where they envoke emotion within the viewers.


  • Creative and Unique content
  • Video Quality
  • Execution
  • Meaning


  • The creative's craft is exposed  to an extended crowd, our forever growing audience can accelerate the acknowledgement of your brand.
  • They are charted with other artists who also produce art in their preferred niche, this becomes the first tier of  interactions that lead to future partnerships and collaborations.
  • The creatives (company/Service)  are documented and published on our website and our social media platforms for all viewers
  • Our viewers are mostly creatives therefore they can be potential customer for your business



  • Monthly promotion and marketing on (Social Media, Website and #UnpluggedSessionSA)
  • Video and photo content
  • Appearance on Creative corner
  • Hire out equipment for 6 hours FOR FREE




I (the undersigned) do hereby confirm the consent hereto given you with respect to my photographic/video works which will be displayed on the “Tswe Media Photography Top 10”.

I also hereby grant to you, your successor, assigns and licensees the limited right to promote, as you may desire, for the purposes of the charts, all motion pictures and the right to use my name and/or likeness in or in connection with the exhibition of such images/videos.

I also understand that Tswe Media will use the images/videos exclusively for Tswe Media-related purposes and not for any commercial gain.



  • Simply go to the chart "MENU TAP"
  • Select  "ADD VIDEO"
  • Enter your details and upload VIDEO LINK
  • Accept the terms
  • Thank You for entering.